I was born in Uganda and grew up in Kenya. I studied photography, then post-graduate film and television at the Royal College of Art in London. My professional life has been spent making films and television programmes for Channel 4, FIVE, the BBC, Discovery, National Geographic, WGBH Boston/NOVA, History Canada. I’ve listed some of the programmes under Credits. I'm also an established and published photographer with a special interest in music from all over the world. I’ve been taking photographs since I was 16 when I set up a darkroom in our house in Nairobi, Kenya.

I speak Swahili, French and English.


Executive producer, series producer, producer/director, narrator (and photographer).

Experienced, enthusiastic, versatile, good writer, storyteller and leader who makes things happen and enjoys being part of the team. Calm, practical problem solver on location, good at fixing programmes in the edit. Experienced in many parts of the world including Africa, particularly the east, good spoken Swahili and an understanding of what it takes to get things done quietly and diplomatically. Strong visual sense comes from continued work as a photographer.

Credits range from science and engineering to medicine, observational to history, dramatic reconstructions and high-end CGI. Technically current with all the latest shooting and post technologies. A good motivator and team player, experienced with contributors of all ages often in difficult circumstances. Filmed in most situations including war zones and remote locations, well travelled, first 20 years spent in Uganda and Kenya.

Just completed ‘A&E In The War Zone’, a harrowing and graphic look at the life of doctors in frontline Syria as seen by UK trauma surgeon David Nott. TX December 10th, Channel 4

Good spoken French & Swahili, enough Spanish to get by.

Winner, Academy of Canadian Cinema & TV Award Best History Programme,
‘D-Day to Victory’.

2014 Director ‘A&E In The War Zone’
Oxford Film & TV Channel 4
As the civil war enters its 4th year in Syria this film follows British trauma surgeon David Nott as he works with Syrian medics risking their lives to save others in the few remaining hospitals in areas opposed to the government.

2014 Director ‘New Mondeo’
Proudfoot High production value car launch film for the new Ford Mondeo. Shot to commercials standard on location in Spain, France, Germany, Belgium with drones, tracking vehicles, car rigs and days in a car studio. The film was shown for a month in a purpose built cinema to critical acclaim.

2014 Photographer ‘Visuray’
Industrial and presentation photographs for a new and innovative oil technology company in Stavanger, Norway. Images used for trade shows, reports, web site and presentations.

2013 Location director ‘Cloning the Woolly Mammoth’
Renegade Channel 4
Location shoot in Kazache, one of the most northerly settlements in Siberia as South Korean scientists analyse the ancient, frozen carcass of the Lhyakov mammoth for the first time.

2013 Director/writer ‘Fear of Flying – caught on camera’
Renegade Channel 4
Contributors with a fear of flying use their smartphones to record their holiday flights. The result, intimate self-portraits as they confront their greatest fear.

2013 Director ‘Afghan Stories’
Proudfoot More 4
Italian teacher Selene Biffi opens a school in Kabul to re-introduce the tradition of storytelling in a city that’s known war for over 35 years. A tense, dangerous shoot in a volatile city.

2013 Director ‘Gilberto Gil meets Dina El Wedidi’
Proudfoot More 4
Brasil music legend Gilberto Gil mentors Dina, a bright new talent from Egypt as she comes to his home in Salvador during the excitement of carnival week.

2011/12 Series Producer - narrator for Channel 5
Cineflix ‘Air Aces’ (‘Heroes of the Skies’)
6x1 History Canada, Discovery, Channel Five.
High budget series, each film profiles a hero in the sky from World War 2 and the Vietnam war. Interviews with survivors are woven with archive, top quality photo-real CGI and stunning aerial filming using vintage warplanes.

2010/11 Series Producer/Narrator
Impossible Pictures ‘World War II – The Last Heroes’
‘D-Day to Victory’ (Canada)
6x1 Channel 4/History Canada.
Winner, Academy of Canadian Cinema & TV Award Best History Programme.
As a follow-up to Channel 4s ‘Blitz Street’ this series tells the story of the last year of World War Two. Interviews with veterans and newly sourced archive are combined with graphic slow motion filming of the weapons used and their effect. Using real guns and the exact explosive charges we learn what the vets experienced as teenagers.

2010 Exec producer
ITN Factual ‘Great Railway Adventures with Dan Cruickshank’
National Geographic
Dan Cruickshank takes three train journeys uncovering a wealth of history and personal stories. In ‘Steam Revolution’ Dan explores early steam railways and their links to the burgeoning Lancashire cotton industry. In ‘Brilliant Brunel’ he travels through Brunel’s vision and visits key locations to tell the story of this great engineer. ‘War Heroes’ shows Dan exploring the heroism of railway men and women as well as understanding the technology and engineering that kept railways running at war.

2009/10 Exec Producer
ITN Factual ‘The Real Old Bill’
National Geographic/ITN Productions
Chris Ellison, DI Burnside from ‘The Bill’ takes us on a nostalgic and irreverent look back into being a police officer in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Interviews from retired officers match their appearances on rarely seen footage from ‘the good old days’ of policing.

2009/10 Exec Producer
ITN Factual ‘Flying Squad – The Real Sweeney’
National Geographic/ITN Productions
One-hour special using specially shot interviews with members of the infamous Flying Squad detailing the highs and lows of tackling armed robbers in London.

2009 Writer/Director/
ITN Factual Building Britain’s Ultimate Warship
Channel 4
75-minute film that documents the birth and early life of HMS Daring the first of the Royal Navy’s new Type 45 destroyers. From first cut of steel in 2003 to launch in 2006, then sea trials and war games in 2009, the film follows Daring’s crew as they learn to use new technology in the closest thing to real battle.

2008/09 Producer/Director
Proudfoot Co
Channel 4 ‘Mentor & Protégé’
Wolle Soyinka and Tara June Winch
Sponsored by Rolex, broadcast on Channel 4, this film follows Nigerian writer Wolle Soyinka, political activist and the first African writer to win the Nobel Prize for Literature as he mentors young Australian writer Tara June Winch. Shot in Nigeria and Australia.

2008/09 Producer/Director
Proudfoot Company
Channel 4 ‘Awards for Enterprise - Petra’
For Channel 4 and Rolex awards presentations, this film profiles Jordanian scientist Talal Akasheh as he documents the unique buildings and objects of Petra in an attempt to find the best way to preserve the unique historic site.

Proudfoot Company ‘My Music’
FIVE/Arts Council
A music film profiling new singer/songwriter Athena whose debut album ‘Breathe with Me’ met with critical and audience acclaim. The film looks at how her Greek and British backgrounds inform her lyrics and music.

2007 Director/Writer
Proudfoot Company ‘Mentor & Protégé’
Two films sponsored by Rolex for BBC/Nat Geo following two young protégés and their mentors - filmmaker Josue Mendes with Stephen Frears and writer Edem with Tahar Ben Jelloun.

2006 Producer/Director
Landmark Films ‘Animal Addicts’
Channel 4. The strange, human-free world of people who prefer the company of animals, whose love and obsession often leads to cruelty.

2006 Producer/Director
Windfall Films “Machines of War – The Tank”
National Geographic/Channel Five
Engineering and social history film showing the technical evolution of the main battle tank. Actuality, demonstrations, experiments, CGI and archive all combine to tell the story.

2005 Photographer Medium format stills taken in France, Spain and Morocco for various clients in the UK.

2005 Director
Landmark Films “Real Wife Swaps – Swinging USA”
FIVE. As two down-to-earth British swingers experience a swingers convention in Florida USA, this film takes a humorous and revealing look at national stereotypes.

2004/05 Director
Cicada Films “Chimera” FIVE & Discovery.
The implications, affects and difficulties of living with 2 DNA profiles.

2004 Producer/Director
3BMTV “Families” Channel 4
2 films with Bob Geldof about family law, father’s rights and marriage.

2004 Director
Landmark Films “Bodies out of Control”
(Extraordinary People) Five
Moving and harrowing look at the lives of people who suffer with dystonia – a debilitating incurable movement disorder that can affect anyone at any time.

2003 Director/series editor Darlow Smithson “We Built this City” Discovery
3x1’ high definition with advanced computer graphics. The engineering stories behind the building of New York, Paris and London. Director for Paris.

2003 Executive producer
Darlow Smithson “Greatest Military Clashes” Five
6x30’ for 5 & Discovery – selected military hardware go head-to-head; e.g. Spitfire v ME109.

2001-03 Series producer
Windfall Films “The Diagnosis” Channel 4
3x50’ series about diagnosis and decision making by junior doctors in A&E. Innovative combination of doctor’s thought track, graphics and observational filming.

2001 Director
HCA Entertainment “Amstrad Emailer Plus”
Series of TV commercials for the new Amstrad Emailer telephone.

2001 Exec producer/Director Windfall Films “Nazi Prison Escape” WGBH/NOVA
Award-winning version of the Channel 4 series ‘Escape from Colditz’ with additional material about the US liberation of Colditz in 1945.

2000 Producer/Director Windfall Films “Meningitis” Channel 4
‘Equinox’. Actuality combined with revealing 3-D graphics to explain how a deadly bacteria defies all attempts to make a vaccine.

2000 Executive producer
Windfall Films “Escape from Colditz” Channel 4
Allied officers return to Colditz to re-open the tunnels and retrace the routes of their legendary escapes.

1999 Producer/Director Windfall Films “Near Miss” Channel 4
‘Equinox’. New York’s air-traffic controllers who look after the world’s busiest airspace.

1998 Producer/Director
3BM “Amnesty” BBC2
60 minute special looking at the work of Amnesty International in Cambodia, Yemen and the USA. Part of BBC2 season to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Universal declaration of Human Rights.

1998 Director
3BM “Matters of Life & Death” Channel 4
50’ documentary in intensive care as part of the Channel 4 ‘Cradle to Grave’ season.

1997 Producer/Director3BM “Matters of Life & Death” Channel 4
50’ documentary in intensive care as part of the Channel 4 ‘Cradle to Grave’ season.

1997 Producer/Director3BM “Car Trouble” Channel 4.
‘Cutting Edge’. The joys of buying and owning a second-hand car.

1997 Producer/Director
3BM “Who’s going to the Ball?” Channel 4
‘Health Alert’. The contribution of charity funding in the NHS.

1996 Producer/Director Darlow Smithson “Black Box” Channel 4 & Discovery. Programmes 2&3 in a compelling series about aviation safety and crash investigation.

1994-95 Series Producer/Director Touch Productions “Siege Doctors” BBC2
5x50 minute series that traces the changes in war-torn Sarajevo, as seen through the eyes of British medical-aid doctors working in the city. Filmed over a year, this was the only long-term series made during the war.

1995 Producer/Director
Touch Productions “Car Thieves” Channel 4.
‘Cutting Edge’. An informative and humorous look at the work of the Greater Manchester Police stolen vehicle squad.

1994 Producer/Director
Touch Productions "Trauma" BBC1
Award winning 50' QED special looking at the reality behind a busy casualty department and the consultants involved in providing experienced emergency care round the clock.

1993-94 Director
Uden Associates "Caraline's Story" BBC2
Award winning programme for '40 Minutes'. An intimate and harrowing look at the life of a 29-year-old woman who was anorexic and bulimic.

1993 Producer/Director
Touch Productions "Cries of Alarm" Channel 4
'Cutting Edge'. Critically acclaimed documentary following the St. Mary's rapid response team as they rush to treat children critically ill with meningitis.

1992 Producer/Director
Worldwide Pictures “Eureka”
6 films for the European Space Agency dealing with the launch and political implications surrounding a new and reusable experimental satellite. The programmes were shown throughout Europe.

1991-92 Producer/Director Panoptic "The John Bull Business" BBC2
5 x 40 minute programmes that took an oblique and rigorous look at British business, both past and present.

1990 Writer/Director Worldwide Pictures "Blue Skies" Channel 4
‘Equinox.’ This programme looks at the sorry state of research funding for British scientists and examines the worth of a commercially funded scheme.

1989 Producer/Director Chrysalis "Walk on Wheels" Channel Four.
‘Equinox’. A programme about the design and use of wheelchairs.

1989 Producer/Director Chrysalis "The Green Machine" Channel 4.
‘Equinox’. A detailed and absorbing look at the modern bicycle, involving characters from the north of England to the mountains of Italy.

1987 Producer/Director
Uden Associates "Twang Bang Kerang!" Channel 4
‘Equinox’. A lively and much acclaimed glimpse at the history of the electric guitar. Still shown on Discovery in the US.

1986 Producer/Director
Uden Associates "The Tin Snail" Channel 4
‘Equinox’. The detailed and very French history of the Citroen 2CV. Still, in 2012 a cult film.